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A Stalwart Team of Lawn Care Professionals

Depending on your grounds, budget and season, your lawn may qualify for a bi-weekly lawn care service. Our lawn care assistance proves to be a reliable solution to keeping properties in excellent shape. Our trained leaders offer shrub trimming, pruning and yard debris removal. When the occasion calls for it, we’ll perform a sprinkler replacement job, a gutter cleaning service for single-story homes and blackberry removal service. We home in on edging around patios and sidewalks and weed-eating around trees and fences. Ensuring an even and clean cut, our bi-weekly lawn care professionals guarantee a quality service that bears stunning results.

When to Opt for Bi-Weekly Lawn Care

Each species of grass grows at different rates, some of which grow thicker than others. There are even property owners far less concerned about excessive growth while others can’t stand the sight of it. When should you opt for bi-weekly lawn care? Our lawn care team can help you decide based on the factors below:

  • The current season
  • The type of grass
  • The condition of your lawn
  • How much rain it receives
  • How often your grass is fertilized

Ray’s Fresh Cut Lawn Care, LLC has experts in the field of lawn care who can assess your lawn care needs. We’ll ask you if you typically fertilize your lawn and about your foremost concerns. So, if you decide that a bi-weekly lawn care service in Eugene fits your schedule and needs, then we’ll get your requests squared away. Lawn care is a powerful tool that helps your Oregon property look its best while promoting healthy lawn growth. With our expertise in sprinkler replacement, mowing, pruning, yard debris removal and trimming, your lawn is destined to receive unmatched care, making you feel pleased about the turnout!

Ray is amazing! I was selling my home and needed help cleaning up my front and backyard. He called me immediately and came and did a phenomenal job. He truly worked so hard! After that, he came every week to maintain my yard. I really appreciate all he did.
- LJT Man
These guys did a wonderful job. Ray was prompt to respond and provide an estimate. Affordable and professional. I will definitely be calling them again for their service.
- Gregory Lefevre
Instead of traditional bark mulch, I have ground cover in some of my gardens. It had gotten out of control and was being invaded by weeds. Ray worked 5 hours and got it looking groomed and controlled. A bonus..it is easier to get around in the garden beds. Any hand weeding is something most yard maintenance services don’t want to do. I was so pleased Ray would work with me as a bad knee is preventing me from doing the job. I am delighted he is willing to help me maintain it in addition to the standard yard and lawn care. I am having him take over my full yard maintenance. His prices are reasonable and his work ethic is great.
- Judi P
Very professional. Does an amazing job. This is not just a one time service or just a clean up for the spring fall season it is a permanent position! We are extremely pleased with the service we have experienced.
- Polly T
Ray was efficient, he ran into a couple unplanned bee ground nests and had to go get spray and then continued to finish the job without skipping a beat. Ray did excellent work also and for a great price!
- Chad C
The quality of work was amazing for the price we paid. Ray and his team go above and beyond to ensure your yard is exactly how you would like it! Professional, cost effective and hands down good at his job, I will recommend Ray to everyone I know!
- Jackie F

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